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When compared to other jobs in the healthcare industry, think about traveling nurses, doctors, and Occupational therapists; not everybody is so familiar with a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). The truth is, they exist, even though they are not if they are not as popular as the other medical specialties, they are not only needed but vital. If you’re a Traveling Certified Nursing Assistant, and you’re wondering, “How do I get started”, you need not worry about that; I have put together some tips that will help you to become successful, even as you start your new travel journey.

Medical Credentials

To be able to travel as a CAN, you must have your medical docket in order. Some things to look out for include:

  • PPD Test result- this one is required once a year
  • Your titer paperwork: this verifies immunities; MMR (measles, mumps, rubella); Varicella (chicken pox zoster); HBV (hepatitis B)
  • Flu shot: inquire from your recruiter if this is necessary before leaving for your assignment

Do Proper Research

Making the decision to become a traveling CAN is such a huge step, and one that requires you to make a decision on the company that you intend to travel with, the recruiter that you choose, and of course, your pay package. Let’s take a look at these crucial aspects of your decision.

Your recruiter: your recruiter should be your promoter, one that looks out for you, and they should always communicate with you. The importance of prompt communication cannot be overemphasized. A good recruiter must return your phone calls, answer your questions, and look out for you in every aspect. They should be able to look out for you for the entire duration of your time with them. Nothing can be more discouraging than getting your assignment and unable to reach them.

Agency: there are so many agencies out there, some are superb, while others should be avoided by all means possible. In this regard, Google is your best friend! Just Google the name of your potential agency and learn everything you need to know about them. The whole idea is doing your homework before making any final decision.

Pay package: it is important to point out that CAN’s are not paid as much as other medical specialties; however, there are some excellent rates out there for you! The issue is to research carefully and plan accordingly.


Your resume is going to be your best chance at creating a first impression. You have to make it look great, and you have to make sure it is not missing in any detail, no matter how trivial that detail is. Your most remarkable and unique skills must be the focal point of your resume. Other important things to look out for in your resume include:

  • Ensure that your resume is neat, succinct and laid out in a professional format, not just for your recruiters only, but also for the person that will call you for an interview.
  • Make sure you include your license information, including the state where you got your license.
  • Include any other professional certifications or memberships that you have. For example, it will be worthwhile to include, BLS, or membership with American Association of Long Term Care Nurse. Memberships tell your recruiter that you take your profession very serious.


If you are going to commence a travel journey, then you must put your banking options in consideration. There banks everywhere, but the question is, is your bank everywhere? If the unpleasant event of losing your bank debit card while on assignment happens, how would you replace it? As bank policy to curtail fraud, many banks will only send a replacement card to your home address on your account, or a branch in the city that you are in. What if your bank does not have a within, say, 300 miles of your assignment city? This could lead to a colossal problem. This best way around this is to use online banking, this way; you get to access your funds from anywhere, at any time! You can always use your Google search to find the many available banks and make your choice.

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